Videos That Depict External and Internal Inhibition of Speech

I came across two interesting videos on YouTube today that show overt manifestations of the inhibition of speech that accompanies stuttering behavior.

The first shows the response of a fluent person’s speech to a magnetic pulse applied to his left brain hemisphere that disables the speech mechanism (causing eye flickering and stuttering-like speech) and then shows the┬áman singing right through a similar magnetic pulse as he uses his right brain to sing.


The second shows a delightful woman whose handle is Spazzyme, as she as responds with eye-flickering and temporary loss of consciousness to the disabling of her speech mechanism by an active inhibition or freezing brought about by fear conditioning. It also shows her using a fluency-enhancing stretch or voice softening to avoid/inhibit a stutter on a /w/

Spazzyme – from YouTube

Note that while the responses are overtly somewhat similar, there are very different processes that are causing the stuttering and stuttering-like behaviors.

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