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Is Stuttering an Emotion?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the effect of emotions on stuttering and stuttering development. Something that hasn’t been considered, however, is the possibility that stuttering itself is a response to an “emotionally competent stimulus,” which would mean that stuttering qualifies in some sense as an emotion.

An “emotionally competent stimulus” is […]

LeDoux & the Amygdaloids

Came across this old blog from April 2008 showing Joseph LeDoux of NYU explaining some of the basic features of his research on the “emotional brain” and threat and fear conditioning, followed by a funky (and perhaps, to some ears, lame) rock song about wanting to take drugs to erase fear memories — something that […]

Fear Conditioning Erased in Mice

[Blogger note: The title of this post has been changed to more accurately reflect the subject of interest]

My friend John Paskievich sent me a link to a fascinating article in ScienceNOW.

The article describes a research study that demonstrated the selective erasure of fear memories in the lateral amygdala of mice, using a genetically […]