Stuttering Inside the Box

Long time since I blogged here, probably because I need to blog shorter!

Sometimes, things are so obvious that they’re difficult to see. I was looking over the Jurgens model of speech production, which has been used as a road map to guide thinking about speech control since it was published in 2002, wondering why it didn’t include any mention of the amygdala (which readers of VOS know is said by me to be an important element of a brain circuit involved in stuttering reactivity). Jurgens included a lot of important information about the amygdala in a previous paper, increasing the mystery.

Then, it occurred to me that the Jurgens model is designed to explain normal speech CONTROL, not the loss of control that occurs in stuttering. In other words, using it to guide stuttering research areas — particularly for brain scan research — is nonsensical: a classic case of thinking within the box.

I’ll talk about what elements of the model areĀ on the margins of the box next. They are very interesting.

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