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Feeling the Loss of Speech Control

Greg has a really interesting concept on Stuttering.Me: the notion that “stuttered speech is nothing more than a reflexive behavior that the body uses to deal with the stuttering phenomenon (which is best represented as a neurological state).” If the neurological state includes the disconnection of speech control (and sometimes the awareness of this loss […]

Why Real Research in Stuttering Brain States is Needed

Until real research that considers the role of emotions and conditioning in stuttering is performed by credible researchers, these key elements of stuttering will remain in the hands of “cognitive therapists” who promise that they can help stutterers “think their way out” of stuttering by changing the semantic evalutions of feelings that people have when […]

Stuttering Brain State

Reading Antonio Damasio’s “Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain,” and was struck by the description of a “Decision-Making Mechanism” that starts on page 144 — thinking how it could relate to stuttering behavior. Damasio believes that his research supports the idea that emotions in people with properly functioning brains are inherently rational, […]