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Promising Research Takes “The Path Most Traveled?”

Two significant research studies (paper 1; paper 2) by a Chinese team led by C. Lu have provided additional evidence that weaknesses or characteristics in the connectivity of circuits between brain activity centers involved in speech-motor movements is a key to understanding stuttering. However, as in previous work by Sommers (2002), there is no consideration […]

Space Vs. Time in Stuttering Therapy

One way of looking at overt stuttering behaviors is to see them as resulting from a reaction or defense against the unpleasant feeling of the speech void — the feeling that we know what we want to say, but can’t for the moment figure out how to make the sound. This is the actual speech […]

Lessons from Haloperidol

Back in the 1970’s there was a miracle drug on the horizon that promised relief from stuttering. Haloperidol (also marketed under the name Haldol) was touted as “work[ing] specifically to counteract a source of motor timing irregularity in stutterers” (Prins, Mendelkorn, Cerf 1980.)

With stutterers now pouring their hopes into the promise of a Pagoclone […]